10 Day Trip to India

Date: 25 Oct – 4 Nov



We will visit LightForce International partners who are working to relieve poverty and bring practical help to the neediest in their communities. We will fly into and out of India through Hyderabad. Initially the plan will be to visit three of our partners however, if the group is large enough we may be able to offer the choice of visiting just one of our partners for a longer duration.

 The Home of Faith

LightForce International has a partnership with a young lady called Sunitha in Andhra Pradesh. Sunitha has dedicated her life to caring for vulnerable people groups in her area. These include, Children who are rescued from working in granite/slate quarries, caring for former street girls and caring for widows.

In partnership with LightForce, Sunitha has secured two acres of land upon which Home of Faith has been developed to provide accommodation for the children and women in her care. Currently housing 42 children, the money that LightForce gives to Home of Faith helps with housing, feeding and education/health for the children in it’s care. 

In addition to the care she provides, Sunitha is committed to visiting villages and sharing her faith in idol-worshipping communities where the Christian gospel has never been heard. 

Jehovah Jirah Ministries

In 1983 Victor Palla attended Mattersey Hall College at the same time as one of our Pastors, Billy Ritchie. Afterwards Victor moved to Palakonda, Andhra Pradesh, to start the Good New Church. Victor now pastors a thriving church with over 30 congregations in the surrounding villages. It is this Church that provides the basis for supporting a number of aid projects, including: 

  • Support through sponsorship of widows, providing for their food and medical care.
  • Support through sponsorship of children, providing for their food, school fees and uniform 
  • Digging and maintenance of deep bore wells in villages where availability of water is limited 
  • Annual provision of new saris and a Christmas meal for over 500 poor widows

India Gospel Mission

The Indian Gospel Mission (IGM) is dedicated to work among the less privileged citizens of India without discretion of caste, creed, colour, or sex with a vision of changing lives. LightForce International are proud to be supporting and partnering with IGM and all the amazing work they are doing. 

Currently, IGM’s projects include: three children’s homes, 12 tuition centres, outreach programmes with the elderly, marginalised communities, feeding programmes and in leprosy colonies, as well as a Bible College and a large number of churches. 

The work of IGM is being recognised by the Indian government who have handed them responsibility of a children’s home. Their work continues to grow and develop, by the end of 2019 they will have built a home to house 100 girls. 

So, are you ready?

10 days in India will both challenge you personally and stretch your faith. You will see first hand how the local church is at the heart of tackling poverty and injustice, and have the chance to show God’s love in practical ways as you visit and learn from inspirational communities.

Who are we looking for?

Individuals who are flexible, adaptable and ready for a challenge. The trip will a involve a lot of quite gruelling travel and a measure of risk if visiting certain areas. You don’t need any special qualifications but it would help if you were confident about ministering to churches and local leaders. You must also be keen to lending a helping hand to the organisationsas they strive to bring hope to the most vulnerable in their community.

What could you be doing?
Your visit could include:

  • visiting the Home of Faith assisting orphans and widows
  • visiting remote villages churches with Sunitha
  • Teaching local church leaders
  • Taking part in church services
  • facilitate recreational activity with children

Fundraising Amount

Minimum fundraising amount: £300 (Travel plans still have to be finalised and this minimum amount could increase)

What’s included?

  • Training and support before, during and after your placement
  • LightForce, Home of Faith, Jehovah Jireh & IGM team time
  • In-country travel, food and accommodation

What’s not included?

  • Flights ESTIMATE
  • Travel Insurance ESTIMATE
  • Vaccinations ESTIMATE

Although your placement fundraising amount does not include flights, visas or injections, you will receive good advice and support about organising these aspects. As you will need to pay for these yourself, it is important to keep any fundraising for flights, visas and injections separate from the donations you send to LightForce to pay for the placement

Please note that all costs are subject to change; this is due to the variable nature of overseas travel expenses.

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