14 Day Trip to Uganda

Date: 16th – 30th Nov



LLightForce International has worked in Lira, Northern Uganda, since January 2004. Initially working in the displaced peoples camps at the height of the civil war which devastated people’s lives in Northern Uganda. After a holding peace was in place, those displaced moved back to their villages—rebuilding their homes and working their land. LightForce International supported the return process and worked with communities with special emphasis on the education and health sector. LightForce has enjoyed productive partnerships with UNICEF, Memisa Belgium, and the Government of Belgium.

Since those early beginnings, the work of LightForce in Uganda has increased substantially. With the purchased land in the village of Telela, in the Lira District, Northern Uganda. LightForce presently provides employment for over 50 local people to support the running of our projects which include:

  • Nursery & Primary School
  • Agricultural & Vocational School
  • Care Home
  • Health Centre
  • Community Projects

So, are you ready?

14 days in Uganda will both challenge you personally and stretch your faith. You will join us on the front line of helping the poor rebuild their lives. This includes education, healthcare, childcare, aid, vocational training, and employment opportunities. You will have the chance to show God’s love in practical ways as you visit, learn and contribute to this inspirational community.

Who are we looking for?

Individuals who are flexible, adaptable and ready for a challenge. If you have experience in education, healthcare or agriculture you would be a great fit. But you don’t need any special qualifications however, you must be excited about spending 14 days seeing and lending a helping hand to the mission of LightForce International in bringing hope and opportunity to the most vulnerable people in Telela, Uganda.

What could you be doing?

On your visit to Uganda with LightForce you will have the opportunity to be involved in the:

  • Day Nursery & Primary School
  • Agricultural School
  • Community Clinic
  • Children’s village
  • Community Outreach
  • Local Church

Fundraising Amount

Minimum fundraising amount: £300
What’s included?

  • Training and support before, during and after your placement
  • LightForce team time
  • In-country travel, food and accommodation

What’s not included?

  • Flights ESTIMATE
  • Travel Insurance ESTIMATE Check out Salt Insurance  (Link https://www.saltinsurance.com/) a specialist provider for Charity Workers and Volunteers.
  • Vaccinations ESTIMATE

Although your placement fundraising amount does not include flights, visas or injections, you will receive good advice and support about organising these aspects. As you will need to pay for these yourself, it is important to keep any fundraising for flights, visas and injections separate from the donations you send to LightForce to pay for the placement

Please note that all costs are subject to change; this is due to the variable nature of overseas travel expenses.

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