forever grateful


By Melva

I was present at the 10.45am service last Sunday 10th February. The kick-off of the 40th Birthday celebrations.

Words fail me to describe how I personally, experienced the tangible presence of God. He spoke clearly to me through many things that happened that morning. I cried uncontrollably (and I know that when I cannot control my tears it is usually the presence of the Holy Spirit). I heard something I needed to hear – some revelation and confirmation. If I ever appreciated the dark sanctuary I did last Sunday. LOL

If only for me, God organised that “party”.

I needed that atmosphere to hear the voice of God speaking to me personally and clearly.

Two songs particularly took me down memory lane and touched me deeply on Sunday. The last song “I surrender all” and “Praise the Lord let the Earth hear His voice”. Two old hymns we don’t hear often these days. Not only was this one my late mother’s favourite (and I sang to her to start her off speaking again in final days in a home), but it has particular significance to me even last Sunday. Yes! ” Great Things he has done – not only to MKCC – but in my own life too… I’m forever grateful.

To the organizers of the “Party” – I say excellent.

I was also so gratified to hear the description from the original couple who started MKCC in their home – where the church came from and where it plans going – during the rest of the year and beyond. To God be The Glory – great Things He has done”. in and through MKCC. I pray He continues to move us as a church from strength to strength. AMEN