A Piano Tuner called to go on Missions


By Rachel Edwards

I joined MKCC in 1988 and not only did I love the services, but I was enthralled by the stories of Missions Trips, made to the former Eastern Bloc, which George Ridley recounted.

I really wanted to go!

However, at the time I was working as a Piano Tuner in a factory setting that had non-negotiable, set holidays – boo!

During 1990 George shared his vision to start a 12-mth Bible School & Practical Ministries Program under the name of LightForce Europe. At one service I remember vividly, he preached on ‘The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few’.

Right there in the service, I knew God was speaking to me powerfully and something had to change for me. The status quo could not remain. So in August 1990 I left a well-paid job and joined the 12-mth programme with LightForce Europe.

What on earth was I doing?

I had a house with a mortgage and now no more income! I also had no talents that I considered were needed on the mission field. So I stepped into the unknown with no idea where this new step of faith would take me!

But God saw my heart and He provided in Full. It was a life-changing decision – I never regretted it – and I continue to be involved with LightForce over 29yrs later.

Daring Faith!

Check out the opportunities to step out in faith and join LightForce International on a short term mission trip. It may well change your life!