2016 a year of baptisms

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By James Fokkens

Baptism is an outward, public symbol of an inward spiritual commitment; it demonstrates a fresh start in our relationship with God and the washing away of our sin. In the year of 2016, we had the amazing privilege of seeing 99 people take this next step at MKCC, every single one of them made the decision to obey God and committing to being a disciple of Christ and to following his example in their lives.


Here is what just two of these people shared this with us;

“Giving my life to Jesus and being baptised in 2016 was the best decision of my life. Life has not been easy or a bed of roses since, but I have been able to face life’s challenges knowing that my life is now built on the firm foundation that is found in Jesus Christ and I am reassured in that God’s hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.” – Kieron

‘My baptism was the greatest day of my life! The peace, the joy, the certainty I felt was like nothing I had ever experienced and sharing it with my two beautiful boys who took the same leap of faith was amazing! Like Paul’s prayer of thanksgiving in Ephesians 1: 15-21, the eyes of my heart have truly been enlightened and I now know the hope that the Lord has called me too! I pray the Lord gives me the spirit of wisdom to grow in faith daily and that my experience encourages those that are looking for the same certainty I have found in Christ Jesus.’ – Cally

We are so excited for everything that God is continuing to do as more and more people make a decision to publically share their commitment to Jesus through Baptism at MKCC.

Below is just a few of the people who were baptised that year. You can see all the videos for 2016 here.