Acts of Kindness


Intentional Acts of Kindness

The early church were famous for their acts of kindness. In fact they attracted the nickname the “Reckless Ones” as they would even endanger their own lives when caring for the sick and dying.

But kindness not only helps the recipient it helps the giver.

“Studies show that thinking about, observing or practicing a kind act stimulates that vagus nerve, which literally warms up the heart and may be closely connected to the brain’s receptor networks for oxytocin, the soothing hormone involved in maternal bonding. Kindness also triggers the reward system in our brain’s emotion regulation centre releasing dopamine, the hormone that’s associated with positive emotions and the sensation of a natural high. Intentional Kindness—which reduces stress, anxiety and depression—can literally put us, and others, at ease.”

So  we are going to do ourselves and others good by intentional acts of kindness to those we meet in the normal course of our lives.


What Acts can you do?

Our teaching series FOR is going to be a launch pad for us corporately as a church community and individually to visibly show our city, like never before, that we are FOR them and God is FOR them.

Here is a list of some things you could do. It is not exhaustive so use it as a springboard to do your own thing. And make sure to tell us your stories of what happens!  If you want a printed copy you can download it here.

  • Help someone who is lost, even if you’re in a rush.
  • Buy a stranger a cup of coffee.
  • Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life.
  • Pick up some litter.
  • Congratulate a co-worker on a job well done.
  • Thank your parents.
  • Help someone cross the street.
  • Pay for another person’s shopping at the supermarket.
  • Leave positive comments on friends’ posts and pictures.


  • Say ‘Good Morning’ to someone in the lift or in a queue
  • Treat a work colleague to lunch.
  • Cook dinner for your friends.
  • Give someone a hug.
  • Introduce yourself to “the new kid” in school or work
  • Thank the bus/taxi driver.
  • Make someone laugh.
  • Write an uplifting poem for someone.
  • Give someone a second chance.
  • Share positive posts on social media.
  • Become an organ donor.
  • Call an old friend.
  • Open up to new friends.
  • Bring someone hot chocolate on a cold day.
  • If you don’t usually make dinner…Help make dinner.
  • Leave £1 in a shopping trolley for the next person
  • Give someone your parking spot.


  • Clean up your room/around the house
  • Return someone’s shopping trolley at the supermarket.
  • Offer to pay for someone’s parking at the meter.
  • Check in on an elderly neighbour.
  • Share your umbrella.
  • Be polite when saying no.
  • Listen without judging.
  • Hold doors open.
  • Return things promptly and say thank you.
  • Surprise the people you care about.
  • Let someone go in the queue in front of you.
  • Say, “Good Morning.”
  • Take someone to the movies.
  • Pay for someone’s bus or train ticket
  • Respect people’s time.
  • Send a postcard.
  • Say, “Happy Birthday,” outside of Facebook.
  • Call a grandparent.
  • Congratulate others on their success.
  • Be a role model.
  • Smile to everyone!
  • Compliment a stranger 

Click on the button to get the PDF version of the list.