Grace Filled


16th June – 14th July

During the Grace Filled series we will be taking a look at our relationships with others through the lens of God’s unmerited and unconditional love and grace toward us. To us, grace is absolutely free, not based on our performance but, at the same time, very costly for God.

We will be asking ourselves the questions:

Do we treat our relationships with the same level of grace which has been shown to us?

What can we learn from God’s grace that can help us in our relationships with others?

We will learn that a Grace-filled life will impact all our relationships including our families.

Sermon Titles:

Week 1: Grace Filled…Life

Week 2: Grace Filled…Friendships

Week 3: Grace Filled…Dating

Week 4: Grace Filled…Marriage

Week 5: Grace Filled…Parenting

Grace-filled Relationships & Families are the key to living a life God’s way and in God’s view.

During Grace Filled we would love to answer some of your specific questions about friendships, dating, marriage & parenting. Please submit your question below.

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