By Rachel Edwards

In 1988 I was living in Tring, where I attended a Baptist Church and commuting regularly to work in Milton Keynes.

During that year a young lad named Stephen Georgiou came to work in our department. I soon realized that he was a Christian (like me) but his fire and zeal for the Lord challenged me greatly. He shared about the work of the Holy Spirit and before long my hunger for more of God led me to be baptized by the Holy Spirit (during lunchtime!).

Within a few months, as Steve shared about MKCC and sermons from a certain George Ridley, I started longing to attend a Church where people shared the same experience of the Holy Spirit as I had. But I Was Scared!

Eventually, I plucked up the courage and on 20 November 1988, I visited MKCC for the first time. The service was 3 hours long, and there was a visiting preacher, named Alan Vincent. He spoke on David – a Man after God’s own Heart. I still have the sermon on tape! I Absolutely Felt at Home!

I drove back to Tring saying – ‘God, I need more of this!’ His reply came back instantly – ‘Move to Milton Keynes!’

So, I did! It was a Huge step of faith (many friends & family could not understand my decision), but the start of a whole new chapter in my life and walk with God. I have never regretted it!

Since this first experience, Rachel has been on countless missions trips with LightForce International, she also serves as one of their trustees, is often seen on stage hitting the drums with sticks and deals with the finances for MKCC.