Into the unknown


By Nicola Ritchie

M y first encounter of MKCC was at the young age of 14 when we moved to Milton Keynes from Mansfield Nottinghamshire as a family. My father was a self-employed builder and he’d been invited by George Ridley and Roy Ecclestone to come to MK to help build the new church building in Oldbrook.

This was not a decision that we took lightly. It meant moving away from our family, our friends and our church in Mansfield. I can’t say that moving schools to a town where I didn’t have any friends was high up on my agenda. But after much prayer and confirmation from God, we knew this was the right decision we moved in the Summer of 1983.

So we upped sticks, leaving family and friends behind, and started on a God-adventure into the unknown and is certainly what it has been. As a young person, being involved in the life of the church in those early years was instrumental in helping me to see God at work not only in our family as we put our trust in Him, but also in our church as we prayed, stepped out in faith, gave our possessions away to raise funds for the building.

I am so thankful my parents heard and obeyed the call of God on their life, I am so thankful I get to be part of God’s story in MK today.