Love Does


3rd November – 1st December

“Love Does is a five-week experiment in doing the love of God. Faith comes alive when we do the love of God.”

Love is a verb not a noun – love does. Together we will learn to step out into our world and engage with others both sharing and showing the love of Jesus. Imagine what God could do with a whole group of people who are passionate about Jesus’ love and eager to put it into creative practice everyday.

The most amazing thing about God’s love is that it’s not just a bunch of rules or stuff we have to agree with. God’s love is different. It changes things. When Jesus came to earth, he revealed that God’s love is active. It goes to work. It takes risks. In a word, God’s love…does.


Week 1: I’m with You
Week 2: Free to Fail
Week 3: Audacious Love
Week 4: Be Not Afraid
Week 5: Follow Me



This year we want to donate 4,000 food items to MK Foodbank through #reverseadvent. Before we open our Christmas Advent calendars on the 1st December, we are asking that you #reverseadvent and give a small gift each day in November.

We will provide a small box, maybe you can even decorate it with some Christmas paper, and each day you will add one item from the MK Foodbank shopping throughout the month of November. Then bring the boxes containing your 30 items back to MKCC helping us reach our target of 4000.



Angel Tree

Angel Tree supports prisoners in their family relationships by providing a way for them to give Christmas presents to their children. Local Prison Fellowship volunteers raise funds and work with churches and prison chaplains to buy and deliver the presents. Each gift is sent as though it is from the parent in prison and is accompanied by a personal message written by the parent for their child. Angel Tree volunteers then coordinate the fundraising, purchasing of gifts, wrapping and delivery. If the parent wishes, a Christian story book is also sent.

“Approximately 200,000 children in England and Wales in 2012 had a parent in prison. This is over three times the number of children in care, and over five times the number of children on the Child Protection Register. Maintaining contact with children is made more difficult by the distance that many prisoners are held from their home area. In 2009, the average distance for men was 50 miles. Women are held on average, 60 miles away from their home or court address.” Prison Reform Trust

In 2017 Angel Tree sent out over 4,500 gifts! We will have an amazing opportunity one Sunday in November to take an Angel from the Christmas tree and buy a gift for a child and be part of making a difference in a child’s life this Christmas.