MK to Mongolia!


By John & Myra Thomson

It was the mid 1980s and we needed to move to England to find work. John was offered a job in Hemel Hempstead and we were house-hunting. Visiting friends in MK, Dave and Janet Coates, we saw the MKCC vision on their kitchen noticeboard. It was almost identical to the vision for the church we were leaving behind in Cumbernauld. So that was church sorted for us! We got involved in a number of activities – teaching English to the Eastern European students, running a home group, marriage course, discipleship course, etc.

However, before moving down, God had given us the dream of going to Mongolia as missionaries. There was no established church there and how were the people going to hear the Gospel unless someone went to tell them?


After a few years in MKCC, we began to feel God telling us it was time to make moves to go to Mongolia. Wayne Myers preached one morning – “If your dreams don’t frighten you, you aren’t dreaming big enough!” That message was definitely for us. We arranged to meet with George and Alan to discuss our vision. When we told George, his answer was, “Well, someone’s got to go!” and that was it for us. MKCC backed our decision to visit Mongolia in 1989, although at that time it was effectively closed to all mission work. Then, in 1990, world politics turned on its head, the Berlin Wall fell, and many changes happened in all the Soviet-controlled countries.


Early in January, 1991, we moved out to Mongolia and were there for the next six years. Mongolia was classed as “severe hardship” because of its isolation (the only communication was by telex!), extreme temperatures ranging from +30 to -42 and a severe shortage of food. MKCC were superb. They provided us with a return ticket each year and brought us home to rest and recuperate each summer, they phoned us each Christmas, they sent us barrels of food, they visited us twice and they were happy to receive regular updates from us telling what it was really like in that mission field. We were the envy of most of the missionaries in the country because of the treatment we got from our home church.

We are pleased to report that now there are many active churches in Mongolia, a strong joint mission that has been working in the country for 27 years and Mongolian churches are now sending out missionaries to other countries – including some which are closed to western missions. Praise God for His faithfulness!