Mummy, we don’t go to church anymore, do we?


By Arlene Peters

I joined MKCC as a member in 2004 following a move to Milton Keynes from London with my 2 young children the year earlier. I had secured a job, a home & school/childcare for my children but, I was on my own & knew no-one.

My MK Church search had been spurred on by my 5-year-old one day asserting from the jurisdiction of her car seat “Mummy, we don’t go to church anymore, do we? Ouch!… Do we??? I felt that one like a bullet to the back of my head.

My 1st visit to MKCC was my only church visit in Milton Keynes. The ‘Dream Team’ (Now Discovery Kids) captured my attention and provided my children with a vibrancy & energy that hadn’t been experienced in a ‘Sunday School’ before. For me, as a single woman (with a somewhat ‘tarnished’ journey of faith) the opportunity to get involved and be a part of what was happening was new, exciting and unfamiliar, given my more traditional, formal & ‘religious’ church background.

Ministry (i.e. getting involved in serving) & Life Groups were my personal life-lines. Within the1st 6 months of attending MKCC and having undertaken the ‘Purpose Driven Life: What on earth am I here for’ series, I made a conscious decision to be a part of a body of passionate people that was local, loved God, loved people and were ‘normal’??!!

Fast forward 15 years, ministries have included DK groups, Frantic (for those who remember this!) life group leadership, Alpha class, Ministry class. My children are grown (or so they think!) have caught the heart of service and have the love of Christ embedded within their lives, which I pray they will live out to the full as they proceed into adulthood. I’m now on staff, partnering not only as a member but also as a full-time employee. Life’s journey hasn’t always been smooth, but it was never meant to be? (…and whoever said it was going to be, blatantly lied!) In the midst of it all, MKCC has grown, developed & expanded, the look has changed, the tech has changed, people have come & gone but at the core of it all, I remain because MKCC remains a local body of passionate people, who love God, Love others and who ‘do normal’ very well.

1 Corinthians 16:14
Let everything you do be done in love [motivated and inspired by God’s love for us].

Happy 40th MKCC!