Our Story
The Mission


Vision of LightForce was birthed with the launch of New City Pentecostal church.


First mission trip to Poland made with 7.5 ton truck full of food.


Regular trips were made to Poland, encouraging leaders and running seminars for alcoholics.


Obtained tenancy of 27 Hutton Avenue as first accommodation unit for mission workers.


The vision of missions was shaped to focus on

1. People not projects
2. People who we could have relationship with
3. People who could visit us


George visited churches in former Yugoslavia, and built relationships which paved the way for many visits to Yugoslavia and Hungary.

Late 1980’s

LightForce was referred to in the early 1980’s as ‘missions’ until a team of young people from Christian Faith Centre in Seattle, USA, came to visit Milton Keynes to work in schools and run outreaches. The team brought a music group called LightForce, and following their visit, George asked if they were happy for the name to be adopted as the missions programme name. So missions was named LightForce Europe.

Late 1980’s

John and Myra Thompson (members of MKCC) went as an IT consultant and teacher to work for 5 years in Ulanbataar in Mongolia. They were the first missionaries to be supported by MKCC.

Late 1980’s

George spoke at the inaugural conference of the legalising of the Pentecostal churches in Czechoslovakia, which paved way for relationship and many visits to churches.

Late 1980’s

Saw various mission trips to Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and Romania.  (George in Romania)


Freedom came/Iron curtain came down in Czechoslovakia. George stood in Wenceslas square three days later.

Early 1990’s

LightForce Europe became LightForce International.

Sept 1990

First LightForce training course was launched in a portacabin adjacent to the entrance of where the new building at MKCC is. 


Soon after the fall of Ceausescu in Romania, Mark Sherratt & Billy Ritchie joined Incare and a convoy of 7.5 ton trucks filled with aid for the people of Arad.


LightForce mission teams were sent to Poland, Hungary and Yugoslavia.

9th July 1992

George made his first mission trip to Albania.

Feb 1993

Rachel Edwards, Mike Parslow and two others made a trip to Northern Albania to Lura, due to heavy snow, they were dropped in by helicopter and were met by Rakip Cuku who was the mayor of Lura.

May-Sept 1993

LightForce sent teams to Lura to renovate hospital (the team included Rachel Edwards, Tim Miles, Vic Brown, David Beaney and Louise Webb).


Worked in Fushe Arrez in Albania renovating hospitals. Gaenor Hall introduced Alpha and used it as a tool to reach people for Christ.


Went to Rreshen, Albania. Here LightForce rented a large former communist warehouse as a base in Albania. They also renovated hospitals. Tim and Hayley Miles who were newly married lived in a caravan and oversaw the work. Rachel Wilson was also part of this team.


Rakip Cuku (who the team had first met in 1993) became LightForce manager in Albania, and still is today.


Civil unrest in Albania meant the whole team were evacuated by the Italian Navy for 6 weeks.


Bought land in Lezhe and began development of a permanent LightForce centre. Derek and Larraine Henderson were the first full time workers in Albania


Andrew Shearman and George sat on the veranda at the centre as the first missiles from the Adriatic flew overhead on route to Kosova.


First occupants of the new centre in Lezhe were 50 Kosovan refugees.

Spring 1999

LightForce accommodated 1200 more refugees providing all needs for men, women, babies and resourced another 5000 refugees staying with other agencies.

July 1999

After the Serbs surrendered, George travelled to Kosova with some of the refugee men as they returned to their homes. Most of the homes were destroyed and many others were booby-trapped by departing soldiers.


For the 20 years up to this point, the Primary focus of LightForce was in Eastern Europe.

February 2000

Glyn and Jane Davies went from MKCC as full time missionaries to Kenya started a school, feeding program and practical help to the community. Now have nursery, primary and secondary schools 

July 2000

LightForce sent 70 articulated lorries of aid to Kosovo. They also build 65 small houses, sent a tractor, truck, van and agricultural equipment as well as 130 sheep and 17 cows. They ran a warehouse for 2 years distributing vital resources as people worked to rebuild their houses and their lives.

January 2001

George made his first trip to Kerala, India to preach at the conference of New India Church of God, attended by 6000. Subsequently LightForce supported street children in Mombai and Village mission teams.


Summer camps were launched at the new centre in Albania


LightForce began to support Glyn and Jane Davis as they launched Education for Life in Kenya. MKCC supported 60 children in day nursery.

November 2003

George made his first trip to Uganda


George first connected with IGM in Chennai, India and began to support children in the children’s homes, constructed a children’s home and supported various projects.


Fed displaced people in Uganda


Supported 5423 orphans and primary carers for 12 months and ran child friendly space in 18 displaced peoples camps for 3000 children daily.


Bought 10acres of land in Uganda

2006 – 2011

Implemented projects in Uganda with Funding from Unicef and the Belgium Government; supporting people in camps and subsequently their return to resettlement. They built teachers houses, renovated classrooms and health facilities, constructed new health facilities for health workers and supplied medical equipment and medicines.


George met Sunita Johnson at a leadership training conference in India, she’d travelled 600 miles by bus after having a dream in which the Lords told her she would find a father at this conference.


Opened second Albanian adventure centre in Lura and embarked upon redevelopment of facilities in Lezhe and ran camps for 1800 children annually.

October 2010

George visited Sunitha in Andhra Pradesh and saw the 70 children, 15 widows and 15 former street girls she supports.


Opened Nursery in Uganda


Bought land and developed the Home of Faith to house Sunitha and her community.


Sunitha and team planted 66 churches in Idol worshipping communities where Jesus Christ had never been heard of.


In Lira, Uganda we built a team house, day nursery & staff housing and 3 acres of banana and pineapples were planted as part of the creation of an integral village.



We constructed and opened Home of Faith in India to house 70 orphans, widows and vulnerable people


Sunitha is caring for 171 churches with around 80 pastors who look to her for leadership.


Opened Primary School in Uganda


Opened home for children and clinic in Uganda


Opened Agricultural School in Uganda


Started Farm Project in Uganda

June 2017 and June 2018

Visits from MK College for sports training teachers and pupils

Nov 2017

Began supporting Victory Church in Masaka

March 2018

Imported Agricultural equipment

August 2018

Built housing for goats

September 2018

Built piggery