By Mark Sherratt


One day as a young man in my last few months at Bible College in Sussex, I was called into the principal’s office to discuss my future. He asked me to consider talking to a man called George Ridley from Milton Keynes about a position he had available on his staff as a youth pastor.

To cut a long story short, I met George and we talked about the ministry in MK and the exciting opportunities it held as a growing new town in the UK. It was clear George was a pioneer and he had a passion to grow the local church and plant other churches in the UK and overseas.

I visited MK a couple of times whilst still a student and was inspired by the leadership and all that God was doing in the church known as Christian Centre. After much prayer and further conversations with George, I agreed to join the team.

Alison and I were married on 3d December 1988 and moved to Milton Keynes at the beginning of January 1989 to start a new life together in Milton Keynes. We were young and had so much to learn about the ministry. However, we were totally committed to giving our best and our all to God and his church. This was the start of an amazing journey.

In the year 2000, George completed the transition of leadership of MKCC to Mark. This released George to focus his time developing the missions arm of MKCC, LightForce International.